SUEDWIND FOOTWEAR® made with Merino is manufactured from high quality New Zealand Merino wool – a 100% natural fiber characterized by its particular fineness and softness. The result is pleasantly soft and sturdy footwear with extremely high wearing comfort.


MOISTURE ABSORBTION | Merino wool is characterized by its high und unique functionality. The wool ensures you to stay warm even when your feet are wet. Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet.


INSULATION CAPABILITY | The merino sheep is its own little miracle of nature. Her coat is made of light, thin and breathable hair. The uniqueness: in winter, the sheep are kept warm at -10 °C and cooled in summer at up to +30 °C. A property, that no artificial fiber is able to copy. Merino wool thus has exceptional insulation qualities.

The most important features and advantages of Merino:


  • Moisture wicking and absorbing: can absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet

  • Insulation capability: insulates extremely well against cold and heat

  • Temperature management: creates heat when is wet, cools when your feet are warm

  • Odorless: does not smell unpleasant even after continued use

  • Is breathable and antibacterial

  • Does not charge electrostatically (unlike synthetic materials)

  • Is biodegradable (like wool and leather in general)

  • Does not scratch

TEMPERATUR MANAGEMENT | Merino wool regulates the body temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture, just as our own skin does. In dry conditions, the Merino wool absorbs the moisture and releases a process that creates heat. In a warm environment your Merino will regulate your temperature through “cooling by evaporation”.


ODUR CONTROL | Merino wool does not smell bad! Through its special surface, Merino inhibits the growth of bacteria. Fewer bacteria mean less smell. In addition, the fiber protein "keratin" degrades the odor-causing bacteria on the skin. Footwear with Merino wool can be used for several days without smelling.